Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Witch's Work is Never Done

Busy, busy week !
Fueled by introspection, personal breakthroughs, morning nature hikes, righteous anger and helping others.
A chaotic swing of moods to match the chaotic seasonal weather.
I happened across a coyote one morning in the beginning of my week. I've never been so close to a coyote before in my life. She was busy eating a young canadian goose, I slipped by respectfully.
Mid-week I was at an elder sister's house, in her gardens, discussing her clean-up plans. While she went into the house, I stood and took in the fresh morning smells, the brown gnarly  hedge, the vegetable beds full of weeds, the soggy herb beds, the wild honeysuckle and roses. Lost in thought, I awoke to hummingbirds in a swirl around my head and just as quickly gone, leaving one sitting on a branch before me chattering away, chewing me out proper.
The end of the week found me angry with my lover, so hot tempered I jumped in my witchy wagon an flew towards the coast. Better I go cool off than fly off the handle. I drive til it feels time to stop. I stare off into the waters til all my anger washes away. Turn the key and head back home. Accompanied by a bald eagle.

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SpiritPhoenix said...

Sounds like the animals were really with you this week. ;)