Sunday, October 17, 2010


It's a catchy title and just one small line, from this interview, that holds profound meaning for some. This interview is full of amazing snipets of knowledge. Go make a cup of tea and listen, if you feel compelled. Blessings!

Radio interview with Dr. Ada-Belinda DancingLion, healer, medicine woman and spiritual counselor.
Deep lessons revealed in a 30 minute interview that some will never learn in 30 years.
I'm inspired, hope you are too!

Thursday, October 14, 2010



Time of Hag Time of Crone
Time of Blood Time of Bone
Hecate offers cold embrace
Spectre, wraith and banshee pace
Wait for Hallow's eve to fly
Wait 'til deepest dark to scry
This night the veil is very thin
Life goes out and death comes in
Open wide to all the fear
Trust that from the darkness here
Life and light will rise again
Death goes out and life comes in
~ Ila Suzanne

From Goddess Spirituality Book, Rituals, Holydays, and Moon Magic by Ffiona Morgan

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


My man came home with a bucket full of rusty used railroad spikes and knew I would receive them like a gift of gold. I'm not really a follower of hoodoo but folk magic has always crossed my path since I was little.

Well used rusty railroad spikes are used in home or land protection spells to secure your home from those who wish to move you from it. You need a spike for each corner of your property, some anointing oil ( peaceful home, protection) and a well meant, from the heart, incantation seeking security and peace of place. Drive the railroad spikes into each corner with a hammer. In hoodoo work each spike is then topped with a silver dime, covered over with graveyard dirt of one's ancestors and marked with fresh urine.