Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lions, Turtles and Life, Oh My !

Hello dear blog , I've missed our time together, quiet contemplative time. So many things are happening in the world and I can't seem to slow down and sit still long enough to put my deep musings to page. Mercury is back in place, a glorious new moon passed. A fast flow of happenings have caught me up in the current and I'm re-learning to go with the flow. When did I become so inflexible ? Has age brought on this embarrassing unbending stiffness ? At least I can laugh through it. I suppose it's of some cosmic benefit that complete strangers watch me struggle through my inner changes. See me lash out with my leonine power when cornered by some perceived threat. See me as I smooth my fur, work through the uncomfortable parts til I gain peacefulness and laughter again. During my daily walk three turtles made themselves known. They tell me to honor the creative goddess source within me, to be grounded to the earth, to observe my situation with compassion. I haven't paid much attention to my protective shell lately and turtle reminds me I remain too open many times, which is okay but I forget to use protection. Hope you all are doing well, I'll return soon, so many things to share. Be well !

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

You are Unique and yet we're all the same ....

We've all seen the ads : would like to meet like-minded people ..... : I see them in every "pagan-y" form of networking available. Wish I had a penny for every time I've heard those words. Oh com'on, we've all said it ! ...  in our newbie phases, our lonely and misunderstood phases, when that love spell went wrong & I could really use a friend who's done this before phases, you know what I'm talkin' bout.
Well, let me save ya a little time and trouble, .......  there is absolutely No One out there who is "like minded". It's just you ! Just you in all your complicated and unique glory. Just you who has experienced Those things, at Those times, in Your life. Just you, who can see the Sacred the way you do, who Believes the way you do, and that's okay.  Once you get past that roadblock ( the one where you spend years searching for the "like-minded" group of friends) you are Free. Free to be friends with anyone. People who have entirely different beliefs expand your world and you, Theirs.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Witch's Work is Never Done

Busy, busy week !
Fueled by introspection, personal breakthroughs, morning nature hikes, righteous anger and helping others.
A chaotic swing of moods to match the chaotic seasonal weather.
I happened across a coyote one morning in the beginning of my week. I've never been so close to a coyote before in my life. She was busy eating a young canadian goose, I slipped by respectfully.
Mid-week I was at an elder sister's house, in her gardens, discussing her clean-up plans. While she went into the house, I stood and took in the fresh morning smells, the brown gnarly  hedge, the vegetable beds full of weeds, the soggy herb beds, the wild honeysuckle and roses. Lost in thought, I awoke to hummingbirds in a swirl around my head and just as quickly gone, leaving one sitting on a branch before me chattering away, chewing me out proper.
The end of the week found me angry with my lover, so hot tempered I jumped in my witchy wagon an flew towards the coast. Better I go cool off than fly off the handle. I drive til it feels time to stop. I stare off into the waters til all my anger washes away. Turn the key and head back home. Accompanied by a bald eagle.