Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lions, Turtles and Life, Oh My !

Hello dear blog , I've missed our time together, quiet contemplative time. So many things are happening in the world and I can't seem to slow down and sit still long enough to put my deep musings to page. Mercury is back in place, a glorious new moon passed. A fast flow of happenings have caught me up in the current and I'm re-learning to go with the flow. When did I become so inflexible ? Has age brought on this embarrassing unbending stiffness ? At least I can laugh through it. I suppose it's of some cosmic benefit that complete strangers watch me struggle through my inner changes. See me lash out with my leonine power when cornered by some perceived threat. See me as I smooth my fur, work through the uncomfortable parts til I gain peacefulness and laughter again. During my daily walk three turtles made themselves known. They tell me to honor the creative goddess source within me, to be grounded to the earth, to observe my situation with compassion. I haven't paid much attention to my protective shell lately and turtle reminds me I remain too open many times, which is okay but I forget to use protection. Hope you all are doing well, I'll return soon, so many things to share. Be well !


Carrie and Justin said...

Beautifully put. You inspire me.

Anonymous said...
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