Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring Cleaning

So I have some time alone today and felt inspired to clear out the herb cupboards and unearth my altar. I found my handmade oracle stones burried under dust, bells and incense. I clean them, ask a question and let them loose. Now, to find those instructions I wrote down in one of my journals the day I made them. More digging. How far back ago did I conjure these stones ???? and a journal pops out from the shelf and opens to a page from Sept 2010 ..... and so I share the entry with you .....

Keep your edges Sister !
They're a beautiful part of who you are -
those "lightworkers" have woven a deceptive web
your darkness makes them uncomfortable,
they're grinding and smoothing your edges down.
You've replaced "Witch" with "mystic" so they
can place you on the side of "good" - given
you Angels & Spirit Guides to give you answers
& moved your power to someone outside yourself

 What have you taught them ?

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