Monday, January 25, 2010

Financial Freedom in the Witchy World

I've NEVER known a Rich Witch, .... financially that is.
Spiritually rich, financially oppressed .... such is my lot in life.
Money spells come and go, they're good for a quick fix, a bill that needs paid ... as far as a comfortable life goes - the "no worries" kind of comfort - my conscience won't let me cast a stronger spell.
I guess poverty makes for a strong witch.
Will I ever have a roof over my head that I can call my own ? Possible, but not likely.
Will I ever start a garden that will forever be mine ? It seems I've left behind so many gardens full of my medicinal herb friends to travel on to new places.
Will I ever have that land that I can call my own, where all my wandering friends can gather and visit for as long as they need to stay. I hope so !


Anonymous said...

I can't claim that I've known lots of witches, but from what I can gather from the people I've met online my experience is this: I've never met a witch that was rich either, but not because they weren't hard working - it was because they make unwise financial choices. Whether it was not saving enough, not learning how to invest widely and diversely, taking on financial burdens that were too heavy for them, or making unwise job decisions. These all fall under the "bad financial decision" category. I totally don't mean to be rude or ignorant because this applies to many other groups of people too. My limited experience with wiccans makes me think of them as compassionate, nurturing, and very much in touch with their spiritual side . . . somehow this seems to go against many "wise" financial choices. Taking on the financial care of a loved one when you don't have the resources, taking in homeless animals that you really can't afford, transitioning into an at-home-business because it's your dream (but you don't really have the safety net for), the fear of saying "no" to someone who is asking help from you when you're having a hard time as it is - all unwise choices. (financially, that is) Of course everyone has to decide whether or not it is worth the sacrifice for, but can you honestly tell yourself that you've put as much effort and research into growing your financial skills and education as you have other aspects of your life? (I know I can't!) Not to plug for someone else, but it wasn't until I watched Suzie Orman's "Women and money" seminar on PBS that some important financial lessons clicked. There can be such a thing as rich witches! But I think these are going to be the witches who have achieved an even more balanced life through financial wisdom. Whatever your situation is, I hope your life is a happy one and that you are blessed with whatever riches you need! (I enjoy your blog by the way - lots of interesting things to read) Your own home is more than possible . . it is certain - if you are willing to make very real steps towards that goal.

I'm Not Wiccan, I'm a Witch said...

Looking back at this post it seems to me I was having a moment stewing in my pity cauldron. I was also riding the wave of feelings I have when people ask me for money spells. I was also reminding myself of the Sisters before me who lived with the land and her cycles, their magic and healing held within their stories, no desire to own anything .. cuz we never really do, do we?