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I'm so busy in the gardens and the weeds. The sun shines for days on end. I've come indoors to share something I stumbled across while seeking new books for my new kindle.

This book review just said the right things at the right time and for a moment I felt not so alone in my everyday world.
Read on and see what you think ..... the italics are my own emphasis ....

5.0 out of 5 stars From one Wise Women to Another, April 28, 2011

By C. R. Brackett "zenwired" (NY United States) - See all my reviews


I applaud the author for her truthfulness, wisdom, and very useful hints, tricks, and recipes. Having over 38 years experience in practical witchcraft, paganism, the occult whatever it is you wish to call it, I have to say she is spot on. I too am a multi-generational wise women, practitioner of the old ways having learned everything via handed down teachings, and not to attack any one group but, my teachings were not created in the 1930's by someone wanting fame and profit. You can all say what you like with regards to her opinions in her book, but unless you have the background and knowledge to back up your position you haven't earned the right. Spouting "witchcraft" dogma is no different than following any other mainstream religion.

Andrea spoke oh to well when she said in her book "We practice with total impunity. If we wanted rules and regulations shoved down our throats or handed some man-made Law of Three, we'd attend conventional Christian church or simply conform and the true Witch does neither. A Witch does what she wants, when she wants and answers to no one...but herself."

Remember this when you are struggling with a spell or ritual because you can't remember the proper colours, ingredients, or words. "A Witch does what she wants, when she wants and answers to no one...but herself."

Another irksome thing she pointed out was the whole stupid initiation degrees and levels we find in paganism today. She says "Anyone who claims there are levels to Witchcraft; in fact that there are levels to anything in following the paths our ancestors did, is spreading misinformation plain and simple. Being on the path of the ancients is not like don't graduate, you don't get a diploma when you have attained status, "all high" and no one, I repeat no one has a right to give classes on how to be anything or how to do anything, if they teach as if they are "divine" and you should follow their lead. There is no such thing as "Do it this way or you're wrong.""

Magic is a life long journey and ANYONE claiming to be mother crone, queen witch or whatever has serious insecurity issues. I have known practitioners with 10 or more years experience that do not have the first clue about what true magic is. Magic is not about love and light and hug everyone elst the goddess will come down and punish you.. Real magic doesn't work that way. All magic is grey and to think otherwise is foolish.

Another point Andrea makes in her book is that magical names are silly.. "False: My name is Lady Tiger Moon of the 5th House of the Flying Corpses. I was given this name by all high Druid Aspar on The Cusp of the New Light in the House of Rogue Standing. Fact: Role playing anyone? Witchcraft is NOT role-playing. Did it myself - role playing games - for about 24 years and loved it, but knew the difference between it and my practicings! The ridiculous and downright silly names people ordain themselves have no place in ancient learning...PERIOD! What is wrong with your real name? Are you ashamed to be who you are? Part of following the path of the elders is to be free... When you give yourself a ridiculous name you are role-playing and fantasy has no place in our world."

Witchcraft isn't a game, it's not Hollywood, It is not a form of escapism. It is a life path chosen to be part of our every day lives. It is a journey not a joke. If your life is that miserable that you have to pretend to be someone else, maybe you need to re-examine how you are living your life and utilising the magic all around you. Creating a magical name for yourself is just another way to self delude instead of becoming fully aware of who you are in reality.

In the end it's your life, your choice, but just remember there are those of us who have not received our teachings from a cookie cutter religious book. I say this with regards to ALL religious books who want you to follow their dogma. There is no right or wrong way. As Andrea says "It's your things your way!"


Her Speak said...

YES! This is awesome--I'm jumping up and down in my kitchen saying, "F*** yeah!". There have been times I've been ashamed to admit my path to friends because they see paganism as an escapist club for weirdos who play too much World of Warcraft and not as a serious, nature rooted journey to true self and understanding.

Be true to yourself.

Thank you for sharing this with us.

I'm Not Wiccan, I'm a Witch said...

As an afternote; I paid the $2 to read the rest of the little book. I was a little disappointed that there wasn't more "meat", but for $2 it's an absolute deal for someone who needs an eye opener.

Her Speak, I LUV your "Womens Circle" video. Inspiring!

Crystal LunaRouge said...

This may not be in the same context with what is written, for myself using a "magical" name in public has cut down on the amount of crank phone calls in the middle of the night. (I am sure that caller ID helps too now a days). Those that know me do know my real last name (or eventually know it), but sometimes using an alias does help in some situations.