Saturday, July 2, 2011


Ancient Mirrors of Womanhood, Merlin Stone

Your holy spirit floats
along the cresting waves of water,
as we walk out upon the sands,
night time closing on the longest day of the year,
and join together in small circles
around the sacred boats
that we shall send you,
each whispering our prayers to a flower
that we lay upon the boat,
for Iamanja, Holy Queen Sea.

Flames set to floating campfire logs
flicker on the mounting flowers,
as our boats of prayers are set afloat
upon the edges of your being,
your gently caressing waves
washing about our bared legs,
cleansing away our sadness and our troubles,
bathing away any wrongs that we have done,
and as we watch the sparks of dancing light
dimming in the growing distance,
we know that you are waiting
for the messages we send,
Iamanja, Holy Queen Sea.

Fire reflections in your gently rocking darkness,
light above, so light below,
chanting chorus, keeping time
to the rhythm of your being,
I stand to one side
to watch the others
toss their last flower prayers upon the moving boats,
thinking that you have enough to do
without my adding to your work.
But just before the last boat
floats out too far for change of mind,
I too toss my flower upon the others,
with prayers for your health and long years
and that you may always be
just as we have known you,
Iamanja, Holy Queen Sea

When God Was a WomanAncient Mirrors of Womanhood: A Treasury of Goddess and Heroine Lore from Around the World

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