Thursday, January 13, 2011


A Witch
is one who has power over her own life.
one who makes her own rules
one who refuses to submit to self denial
one who recognizes no authority with a greater esteem than her own,
who is more loyal to herself than to any abstraction.
one who is untamed
one who says "I am a witch" aloud three times
one who transforms energy
one who can be passionate about her ideal/values as they are changing
one who is explosive,
whose intensity is like volcanoes, floods, wind, fire
one who is disorderly, chaotic
one who is ecstatic
one who alters reality

 - from Ripening by Lee Lanning and Vernette Hart
- passage found in Daughters of the Moon Tarot by Ffiona Morgan
- it is not well documented just who drew the tarot card above but it is found in the Daughters of the Moon Tarot Deck

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