Thursday, November 25, 2010


My goodness it's been a busy time.
Car repairs, fall influenza, icicles threatening to tear down gutters, working on a handmade Winter Solstice, snowed in for a week and much more I won't bore you with.
Watched the Women's Spirituality Series by Donna Reed. Even though they were made in 1992 it was wonderful to watch. And to see some founding women of the Goddess movement, so young and full of fire, and to see some who have passed on. Watch it, if you haven't already.
New additions to my altar; three muses relief found at a garage sale, and a huge conch shell from a different garage sale, a ulexite stone and a crystal encrusted stone the size of my hand, passed down as a toss away.
I definately feel a new chapter beginning in my life. Sorting out the people who are my friends from those who drain me for one reason or another. Life's too short.
I feel inspiration taping on my shoulder, off to create ... be well!


Anonymous said...

hello, how's everybody right here? I am new to this valuable discussion forum. Hope to get some new buddies and discover some thing right here.

Her Speak said...

It's been craziness for everyone this past month! Please do post pictures of you handmade solstice--I'm hostessing my first solstice this year and would love to see how you chose to make yours beautiful. :)

Much Joy~